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How to register field?

For registering a field, you have to login first. In case you do not have an account, you can click on the register now button to make a new account. Once you login, you will be at the User Dashboard page. You can register a new field by clicking on Register new filed. You have to fill in the details of your farm including grass type, age and zipcode of the field.

After filling in the form, clicking on Register the new field button will submit the details and save the farm. Once you register the farm, you can also see it in the User Dashboard.

How to Upload Data?

for uploading data, you have to click on the upload data button which will take to to a new page. For uploading a farm, first you need to register a field. Once you have a field, you can upload data by filling out the form. First you have to select the field which corresponds to the data. Select the date and time of flight and fill in the name of the Pilot. You can upload a zip file by clicking on choose file button. Once you verify the deatils, you can submit the form by clicking on Upload Data.

You will be redirected to a new page displaying the cost for processing your data, please verify the cost displayed and choose either to proceed further or delete the data. If you select proceed further, you will be redirected to the user dashboard with a message that the data is being processed and it might take a few minutes for processing. Once the data is processed you will receive a message that teh data has been processed.

To view the resulting protein map, you have to refresh your page. Sometimes, processing might take a little longer depending on the size of your data, so please keep that in mind. Once the data has been processed and teh page has been refreshed, you can view the data by selecting the corresponding information such as farm, date and time.